Monday, January 12, 2009

Weigh In

Not much to do today except take grandma to the Dr. to find out if she needs another blood transfusion or he will tell me it's her sedentary ways that cause her to be fatigued. At last appointment he instructed her to get involved in an exercise program, because she was losing muscle mass and complaining of fatigue. Not to mention she had a melt down over grandpa last week.

Woke up with a pain in my stomach and thought it was IBS..or even cramping..Nope it was hunger. Never woke up with hunger pain before. Shocking to me.

Better go feed the body something. Thank you girls..You have no idea how much this blog, and "YOU" are helping me with this.

Weight: 237.3 -4.7 lbs lost for the week.


  1. Physical hunger is an interesting phenomena, isn't it? Although many people say to embrace it, for me it's not such a great thing. I tend to go into binge behavior when hungry.

    Rather, in my lifestyle, I try to make sure that I eat at regular intervals to keep from being hungry. Then I make appropriate choices.

    Do I see that you went further into the 230's between yesterday's post and todays?

  2. was..very hard for me to believe..I found my self transposing numbers and catching myself going wait..what was I?