Saturday, January 3, 2009

Laura Goes to Slimmons

Hi Gals:

Made it through. I'm so weak, but I managed to stand up almost the whole class. I did stand for the whole aerobics part!

Richard got a new car. Black Range Rover, tricked out with some kind of fancy side grills. Really cool looking.

When I arrived at class, he was already inside, but Michelle was parking it. She told me that it had the kind of suspension that raises and lowers it. It's actually meant for off-road use.

So you know me and my big mouth. After class was over, I asked Richard if he was going to raise his new truck for us. He replied with a discourse about the DVD that they (I assume he and Teresa and Michelle) had to watch to try and understand how the truck works, but it's so complicated that they will have to watch it again. But that's not what *I* wanted to know.

"Does the horn blare La Cucharacha when you raise and lower the suspension?" I asked him.

He denied it but then Michelle proved once again why I love her so much. She looked at the two of us and said "Yes it does! We just haven't done it yet!"

Watching myself in the mirror during class was tough. My scale said 158 today... I'm surprised that it wasn't higher since at Mongolian BBQ, I mistook what ended up being Garlic Salt for Garlic Powder. My dinner was like eating a salt shaker.

Anyway, this is the first time in quite a while that I got to see myself in a mirror next to other people who purportedly weigh around the same as me. I look so much bigger than them! After class, I asked Amy to stand next to me in front of the mirror so that I could try to size the two of us up together. She insists that we look the same (so did John when he found out what we were doing), but I don't think so. My question is not whether I am bigger than her or not, it's whether my bigger is a lot bigger than the 10 pound difference in our respective weights. (She's 148.) Do I need to buy a new scale? Is mine old enough that it is no longer giving me accurate readings?

You know how I am with this stuff. I like to be brutally honest for fear of going into denail (which I would like to do). And now I don't know if my numbers are real or ficticious. But I think I'm going to hold off buying a new one just for a little while longer. Good scales are expensive! And maybe I'm just seeing myself through the eyes of somebody who was very tired.



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  1. Wow, another car? It seems like he gets one every year or every other year.

    I'm glad you were able to make it to Slimmons for a bit. Hope you are feeling a bit better tonight.