Monday, January 12, 2009

Attack of the candy canes...

Sunday night at work was hard - nutritionally speaking.  Someone, I don't know who (damn them!), brought in a whole bunch of left over candy canes from Christmas.  I love candy canes.  I ended up eating 5!!!!

I made sure that everything else I ate was on program.  Of course candy canes are not!!

Tomorrow is weigh in and I'll find out if it had an impact.


  1. Those damn candy canes!! LOL It sounds like you are doing well overall. Let me ask you, did you think about this fucking agreement before you ate the candy? Maybe that would help you say no during those temptation times. It's been helping me.

  2. Darn those candy canes to heck!!Hang in there Bethy..Keep making your best choices girl!!

  3. Ok, it's done now. Move on and don't do it again.