Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, there we have it. My weight may have registered 155 on New Year's Eve, but as the C Diff slows down, it's rising dramatically. 156... 157... 158... and this morning 159. This makes more sense based on what I see in the mirror at Slimmons. The weight is mostly around my middle. It was artifically deflated because of an empty gut and dehydration. Now I know.

I've increased my exercise factor. I walk through classes and only put a moderate effort in compared to others, but for me, it's the best I can do. The Fucking Agreement. Do the best I can.

But food is at issue. I don't know where being so weak and so tired all the time ends and where laziness enters. There is a factor there and it would be unfair for me to deny it. But I managed to maintain my weight for a very long time even being sick, and now I feel like it's out of control.

I look at what I'm eating. The Fucking Agreement again. And the biggest weak spot that I see is bread. I've gone through two loaves this week. Not necessarily on sandwiches either, but plain. Something's gotta give.

In other parts of the world, they don't have bread readily available. They make rice, cous cous, quinoa, or whatever. I think I need to join the other part of the world.

I am out of bread this morning, and it is a market day. I pledge for this week only, not to bring any bread into my home. I do not promise not to eat it at restaurants, but no more here. Just for this week. I will pre-make some rice and cous cous this afternoon, and also premake the dry ingredients of salad and I will pre-steam up a bunch of vegetables.

This could be a great week. This could also be a horrible week. Because I don't know if the C Diff is slowing down because my diet seemly has turned almost completely to starches. Increased vegetables may end up making me really sick. But I must give this a try.

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  1. i hug you and applaud you for doing your best. Looking at what you've done and still wanting more and better.

    May this next week find you feeling better. Hugs and good vibes being sent your way!