Friday, January 2, 2009

So Far...

Claudia was already on board when I e-mailed the rest of the Fabbies. Laura & Claudia had played Fucking Agreement in December.

Angie asked to join us for January, and of course! She's considering posting her food choices on her blog. She planned two weeks of meals. She has a huge list for the grocery store. She's let the kids know that the family is eating healthier again..
She's incorporated a dessert in every other day menu's so that none feel deprived..

Beth has signed on. She's starting on 1600 calories on Monday. She's just going to try to make the best food choices she can and try to exercise - even if it's only for 5 minutes a day.

Vennie is in. She flushed half a carton of Haagen-Das and half a container of Cool Whip Lite down the garbage disposal. They were in the freezer, so she missed them when she cleaned out the fridge of contraband on the first go-around. She's starting with regular walks for Madison, and then will add one of Richard's videos, even if it's only a few minutes to start with.

Laura made a huge pan of sauteed vegetables as refrigerator stock. She used them over Cous Cous for dinner last night, and again this morning in scrambled eggs. She is not ready to commit to any kind of exercise at this point.

Claudia says that her December was not that bad and she attributes it to the Fucking Agreement. Even though she wasn't able to exercise much she still made much better food choices than she was making before. She's glad to say that since the agreement she has not made any unhealthy choices like she was before. The Fucking Agreement made her think about things before she ate them and says that maybe all she really needed to get herself back on track.
Also, today she said she's not making any grand declarations about losing this many pounds or getting into that size. For her, she's just happy that she said "no thank you" when Kerry asked her if she wanted something from the Mrs Fields cookie stand today. (The Agreement was in play there) That to her is a small thing that can lead to bigger things and that's what the Fucking Agreement is all about.

Laura thought that perhaps a blog that we all could post to might work better than e-mail for the purposes of the Fucking Agreement. It would be easier to review and garner inspiration from when there would be one place for all of us to go to. All the Fabbies are invited to post; hopefully we all will like this idea and run with it.

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