Friday, January 9, 2009

Another day, another doctor

Saw Dr. V- today. We're holding off on the Cimzia for two weeks because of the infections. Waiting to hear back from the Inf. Disease doc for his take on it. I wrote the e-mail on behalf of Dr. V.

Dr. V wants me to try out an IBD Support group. He says that this one is different than the norm; more action oriented than usual. I agreed, contacted them via e-mail, but they need to screen me before letting me into their group. I actually appreciate that. Lets me know that this is probably a safer group than most.

Food, as usual, starts out good, then degenerates. I find that as I get tired, I'm too tired to make anything for myself, so I just grab. I'm leaning away from less healthy choices, but the problem is what is really less healthy for me? Vegetables provoke attacks. Fruit provokes attacks. Did I mention that I had an 'accident' - a really big one - right before my doctor's appointment? Then I had to beg them to let me use the private bathroom to clean up instead of the public multi-stall one in the hall. Code Brown. It was awful.

Had the doctor's appointment in lieu of exercise today. Will go tomorrow.


  1. ((((Laura))))I hope they accept you into their support group. Tomorrow has to be a better day..I love you!

  2. An action oriented support group sounds good. Maybe you can get some help there. I'm sorry this is happening to you. It really sucks. :(

  3. Laura -
    I'm so sorry this happened to you! It sucks!!!

    I hope the support group works wells for you!