Monday, January 26, 2009

Food Sheets

I've kept my food sheet for three days now. It's a mixed blessing.

When I force myself to look at what I am eating, especially when I record it, I do curb my choices. No "food amnesia", so to speak. I'm eating less at night since starting them. I'm moving my choices more towards fruits & vegetables and have re-introduced fish into my diet. So far, my average daily net calories are around 1400. That's food calories taken in and exercise calories gone out. Sunday was my day with Eric, so I didn't exercise. (Shut up! I know what you're thinking - lol!) I hope the daily net calorie count will go lower with exercise the remainder of the days this week.

But I'm not happy. I have to record my weight daily in order to maintain them properly. It's bad enough to look at it on the scale, but to write it down? It's so permenant.

Keeping them is a pain in the ass. I remember when I didn't mind doing them. Things have changed, and I am lazy.

I don't like writing transgressions down. But it's part of the package.

I worry about how Richard is going to react next weekend when I present him with one. He seemed decidedly unhappy about looking at food sheets from me.

But I'm a-keepin' them. I need to be honest. I need to be diligent. I need to know what I'm doing so I can change it up.

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