Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Agreement Helping!

Did anyone watch Biggest Loser Families last night?

Holy CROW the numbers for the first week were HUGE! I realize they train more than an hour a day, thanks to someone here telling me that last year..The couple that I found myself choking up for? The grandparents. The grandpa fainted before Jillian Michaels could get a hold of their team. He was beginning his workout and passed out. He returned after their starting weigh in. At their first weigh in, he lost 25 lbs, and grandma lost 9 lbs, team white. HE IS 63..That was inspiring!

The other person I liked was from team green. She had a real positive attitude. I realize it's her first week, and she may feel different after the second or third week after Jillian keeps getting in her face..But it might be interesting for me to watch.

I woke up this morning still feeling proud of myself for not caving into one of my old habits of coming after being emotionally tormented with my grandparents and having hubby go get fast food. I cooked our dinner. It was very good, and I had my slice of pie..I didn't feel deprived. I didn't feel like binging, after talking to my mom and telling her what was happening with her parents and asking her opinion on what should be our next step. (Caught grandma trying to use her Albuterol Inhaler because she had a frog in her throat, and she felt that it suddenly was asthma related. OY!! Left them in the car, parked in front of the store, told them to stay in the car, while I ran in to purchase Grandpa's new underwear..Standing in line to pay, (no more than 5 minutes of being in there) he came flying in with no walker announcing to the entire floor of JCPenny's he had to pee, where's the bathroom he was going to pee his pants. And grandma in tears because they were fighting in the car and she couldn't control him.Screaming at me I can't make her live with him)

I kept remembering my promise to you girls. I kept thinking about the numbers on the scale that they were going down. For that I'm excited that this may be the turning point I need to jump start this weight loss again.

I've been doing fairly short (30 min) workouts last week, and will finish up this week doing them..Next week I'll go into a longer tape to build things up. Slow and steady right?

I hope you girls are having better days.

Weight: 239.6 (yeah baby!!! Dipped my foot into the 230's)

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  1. (((Ang))) I lost my last post but heres goes nothing. You are a wonderful granddaughter, remember that! Please call a family meeting and get help with your grandparents. This is toooo big a job for one person. I know from experience and my hubbys experience(he has 5 siblings) that if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Meaning no one will help you until you break it down for them and incorporate them into the daily care of your grandparents. Please take care of yourself Ang, I know how stressful it is and I applaud your resistance to using food to sooth you. You've come along way baby!