Thursday, January 15, 2009

No Bread, Day 5

I feel like the proverbial guy in the desert crawling across the sand moaning "Water... Water..." I really want some bread.

It's been five days since a piece has passed my lips. The urge to consume a loaf has not left me. Hence the melt down on oyster crackers last night. They are not the same thing at all (way too salty), but anything in a pinch.

Two more days. But if this rampant desire for it doesn't abate, do I trust myself to buy a new loaf?

For now, I was going to do laundry but they're cutting back the trees outside of my condo. I don't dare step outside unless I want to be brained by falling tree branches. So I guess I'll stay inside, change my bed (no, I haven't done it yet, but imagine a world that I don't have to change it twice a day!), and maybe defrost some chicken and salmon to pre-bake. I think I'll wrap it in filo dough. Technically, it's not bread.

1 comment:

  1. explain filo dough to me. never heard of it until you mentioned it.

    it's hard call laura on the bread..but I'm sure you'll find what's best for you.

    i know how hard it was for me and my addiction to carbonated beverages. afraid that if i ever let it touch my lips again i may go out of i miss it..with a year passing now..yes i do miss it on occasion..but i find i don't think about it every day or crave it every day like i used to..