Friday, January 2, 2009

Little Voices?

It's been a hard day so far. But I've managed to keep all of you in my thoughts, trying ever so hard to focus on the F*ing Agreement. Each meal asking myself is this the best choice I can be making now?

After grocery shopping for two hours with 1 grandma and 3 children in tow..I managed to get the bulk of the grocery shopping done. Can I just say Vegetable and Fruit Prices are on the rise here!


After coming home and unloading, sorting, and putting away I wanted to binge eat. I was starved, and my emotions were running big time, and frankly I was tired. Instead, I chopped up yellow, orange and green peppers, and julienned the red peppers, cut celery into 3 inch pieces and then put them in their prospective containers to store in the refrigerator.

I rewarded myself with 2 mandarin oranges, and 24 oz water bottle, and then wrote in my grateful journal.

I did get in Blast & Tone after dinner tonight and oldest did that with me.

How long will these little voices stay in my head, as I imagine that we are together again sitting around a table, laughing, talking, and cutting up about anything and everything? Time will tell..But it's nice to hear hear them again.


  1. Food prices are on the rise here too.

    You did really good!

    Is a Mandarin orange the same thing as a tangerine? If so, then I had one for breakfast this morning.



  2. I think they are like Satsuma's..They come out here only at Christmas...