Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bloated Up

I'm all bloated up..Fingers and feet swelled huge..Didn't feel good yesterday, didn't workout.

My body has grand "delusions" of what should be happening. Yesterday and today gone into full blown menstrual cycle..and I'm on the freaking pill and not supposed to be. Cramping from the menstrual cycle and having IBS attacks are not cool. Spent some of the day back in bed, with knees pulled up to my stomach hoping to relieve some of the pain and pressure.

I looked at my water from yesterday..I didn't drink enough..48 oz. Could be another reason why I'm bloated up..

Still feel pain in my intestines and lower back. But then it may not have helped being in bed half the day.

Claudia said sometime to me last year, that I would finally come to realize I need exercise to help me lose weight. After a week of exercising and not yesterday, seeing the scale has me convinced of that. I'm sure there was other factors in this, but my body does feel like a void has happened.

How can I go to a high of highs and then crash the next day? Gotta push myself today..Gotta get back on the momentum train. Gotta break this zero..I just gotta..

Weight:240.4 A two pound gain! Grrrrr


  1. Just as an FYI, my IBD always seems to get a lot worse every month before I cycle. I've never mentioned it to my doctor; I probably should.

    Do you notice the same trend?

  2. i'm on birth control pills..I'm not supposed to start menstral until next week..I've started my menstral apparently yesterday..Unexpected. This is I think the second time I've encountered this pain with an IBS flair up..For some reason it feels worse this time.