Monday, January 5, 2009

Full speed ahead

Hi Everybody, :)

Yesterday went as I had expected it would. As soon as Kerry left I hit the food and consumed about 600 more calories than I needed. Yeah, that sucked but it is also not as bad as my Kerry leaving binges have been in the past and again for me this is all about small victories. I guess it's pretty pathetic when a 600 calorie binge is considered a small victory. It is what it is and I am letting it go. Full speed ahead into today.

I went to the track and power walked 3 miles before I started feeling my foot. I figured out that if I'm feeling it in any way even if I am just aware of it it is time to stop so I did. I do have to work today and I have to be able to stand for 5 hours and that had something to do with my decision. I think I will do a few reps with weights for my chest, shoulders and triceps right after I finish this post. I'm trying to get back to my old exercise regime.

Food so far has not been bad. I made myself a "Fab Four" breakfast which was 1/2 cup of eggbeater with scallions, mushrooms and orange peppers all scrambled up with just a small amount of cheddar cheese. I also had a piece of rye toast with coffee and skim milk. I'm thinking that a breakfast like this is better than the half of a bagel and fruit that I usually go with. Maybe it's the protein but I'm not as hungry as I normally am at this time of day.

I'm not sure what lunch will be. Maybe some soup and a half of a baked potato. Dinner will be rice and beans. Boy, it sounds good on paper now if only I can follow though...

I will be posting my weight here. This morning it was 153.5


  1. Protien in the morning makes a huge difference to my day.

  2. I have found that out too..I try now just to have a small carb in the morning and more protien..I feel fuller longer. Go figure!