Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot Hot Hot!!

A night of hot flashes..Yuck..I woke up soaked a couple of times..It doesn't help that my husband was under the covers either. (He's a human furnace.) I at times wonder if it is his heat that gets me overheated or that I'm truly having hot flashes. My answer came this morning after he left for work..I woke up soaked from a hot flash.

I am one that cannot sleep with heat in our room. I get instant headache and bloody noses..Been that way since I was a kid..It's okay in the rest of the house..But in my bedroom NO..I have blankets, comforter, and of course the human furnace..I mean hubby.

I'm going to have to make an appointment to go back and see the Dr. and have my hormone levels checked along with my second Hepatitis A shot. But I'll do that later this week.

Gramps goes to the Dr. today and Dr. will talk to me more about grandma today with her not there. She became very upset at yesterday's appointment that the Dr. agreed with me on some things. (One she's not allowed to go to Gramps appointments anymore and now it bothers her cause she might miss something)

Gotta get in a workout before I take off this morning.

Weight: 237.3


  1. Hot Flashes, for me, are not just hormonal issues. In fact, rarely do they reflect activity in that department. Rather, they are indicators of strong Crohns Activity.

    Perhaps you need to get both angles checked out? Only you know for sure.



  2. I always knew you were a hot mama!!! LOL