Thursday, January 15, 2009


So you think that when your kid turns 18 that your job as a mother is over? NOT!!!! My 18 year old has me so aggravated right now.

You see her boyfriend lives on the other side of the city. She likes to go there often to visit. Parking in his neighborhood is horrible. They have permit parking and limited parking for visitors.

It seems that my daughter has been parking where she's not supposed to. She has been getting parking tickets and ignoring them. The total of all the tickets is $360.00!!!! Well today she went out to get into her car and it had an unwanted accessory. A boot!!! Now she has until Saturday to pay $460 or her car will be impounded by the city!!!

She went to her father to see if he could help. Her father told her sister. Her sister called me. My daughter called me!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! All this while I'm at work! Enough already!!!!

There's a half eaten bag of tortilla chips and a half a jar of salsa here at work. I want to eat it all!!! I can't do it though because I keep thinking of the F*ing Agreement. Good thing!

UPDATE: I just spoke to my husband. He's taken care of it. He also wrote out a contract for my daughter and had a stern talk with her. This after I lectured her.



  1. I'm so proud of you for not going to the chips and salsa Beth..I know it's hard..Your fighting a good fight..Hang in there girl!!

  2. (((Bethy)))

    I've figured out that the job of mother is never really over. Personally, I'm very happy about that. LOL

    Good job keeping away from the chips. I'm glad this agreement is working for you.