Saturday, January 10, 2009


Disbelief is my word today..It's very overwhelming for me this morning, trying to process the emotions and thoughts that have crept into my head.

I stepped on the scale and I'm firmly into the 230's. Not scantly by a tenth of a pound or a little more..but I can say, I'm in the 230's.

I have not been in the 230's since just after my son's birth 14 years ago..It's been 14 freaking years since I've seen this number. Why it took so long? So many questions I've found myself asking me.

I am not going to self sabotage now..I have this agreement with you, my friends. I made this agreement with you my friends..My accountability partners. I take you, in my thoughts with me daily..Each and every one of you..I'm more determined after stepping on the scale to give 100% to myself so that I can look and feel my best when we can see each other again.

I love you!

Weight: 238.50


  1. ANGIE!!!!!!!!

    That SO Rocks!

    You've worked hard for this moment... savor it.



  2. YEAH ANGIE!!!!!!

    You sooo deserve this!!!

    I love you!!!