Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday morning check in

I've been doing very well where food is concerned. I've actually been making pretty good choices most of the time which means I'm living up to this Fucking Agreement. I've incorporated a protein shake with blueberries for breakfast a few days a week and my snack choices have been yogurt or fruit. Not bad. I'm pretty proud. Yeah, proud of my food choices but I have other issues which are biting me in the butt.

I still can't exercise standing up. I can do yoga which I have been doing on a regular basis and I can lift weights which I haven't been doing because I hate it. Walking is out as is Richards videos or anyone's video for that matter. My heel is still killing me. The anti-inflammatory is not working any more. I'm in pain most of the time when I am standing up no less power walking or jumping around doing aerobics.

I just remembered that a long time ago I gave a compact but effective rowing machine to my brother. At the time I was going to the track every day and I really didn't need it but it would definitely work for me now. I just called him and I'm going to go over and pick it up today. I remember this being the hardest and most hated workout I've ever done but if I really want to lose the 10 or 15 pounds that I have put on I have no choice. I will be on my way to Jon's to pick up my machine in a hour or so. We will see how that goes.

I also gave in and made a podiatrist appointment for Monday morning. I'm not looking forward to this because I understand that the treatment of choice is usually a shot or cortisone in one's heel which I've heard hurts like a MF. Again, if I have no choice. Hopefully, if it is to be very painful it will work.

Now the trick is to put those good food choice days together with the exercise days and maybe some weight will come off. My last weigh in was yesterday morning. It was 153.5.


  1. claudia, i am proud of you for your good food choices. Good luck on your appointment..I hope he offers some good news and a solution to help you feel pain free.

  2. Hi Claudia,
    When I had that same heel pain years ago, I started wearing Birkenstocks. They also make a support for your shoes that your heel will thank you for. If nothing has helped so far, why not give it a try? I was able to walk again while wearing them, take it off, I couldn't. Im convinced they work. Keeping you in my prayers my Beatle fan.