Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sprinkles of this and that

The workouts have been hard this week, but getting easier in my mind to just get up and do them. My blog is taking off with more readers, and I reading more weight loss blogs.

It is motivating me to put pictures of my meals on the blog with the accountability..Making sure the meal is balanced, and looks well presented for the picture. I've been writing exercise tape reviews. Trying new dvd workouts.

Trying new recipes and getting ideas from other weightloss blogs..So I won't get stuck in a rut.

I can't thank you enough for our Sunday Night Chat..It was what this girl needed to start her bonfire again. I felt like the flame was almost out. I did write Richard, and someday I'm sure I'll hear back from him. He seems to be a very busy man. He's on Twitter now too.

I hope your visit went well, and that your flames went from a flicker to high bright beautiful flame that has ignited the bonfire and get you to your goals.

I miss all of you..I have been honoring my agreement with you...Getting back to the roots.

I've started my workouts, and am using them to train for a 5k that is in June..I VOW TO RUN IT!!! My sister in law got wind and wants to do 5k with me when she moves back to the area later this year. WoW!

I've rambled enough..Just wanted to check in with you.

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  1. ((((Ang))))

    We needed that talk too. And we were serious... you were the ONLY one we called all week!