Thursday, April 9, 2009

Countdown to first weigh in

For some reason I set this Friday as my weigh in day, even though I got back from LA a week ago Weds night. For one thing the scale has been buried, and I didn't really feel like excavating it. Excuse, I know, but the current bathroom remodeling situation was making me techy. Anyway, I've been following the 1400 cal FoodMover program very carefully since the day after I got back, so I'm desperately hoping to see a loss tomorrow morning. If 9 days of rigourous adherence to the plan doesn't work I'm going to be in a funk!

I'm having trouble getting in any exercise. For whatever reason, since I got home my knees have been bothering me more than my back. This scares me, since the left one is now 10 years old and the right is 7. The "life" of a replaced knee averages 10 years, but I'm hoping these will hold out at lesat for 17 more months. What happens in 17 months? I get Medicare, that's what! Yes, Virginia, there is something to look forward to when you're 60!

I bought this nifty tea when I was in China and it's purported to help with weight loss. I've been drinking several cups a day and it seems to be working. Since it has orange zest in it, it's pretty tasty, so I like drinking it. In summer I think it will taste refreshing chilled.

The few times I have been tempted to eat off plan, I think of 2 things: how much my back and knees hurt and Richard crying because I had gained weight.

So, I'll try to remember to get back here tomorrow and be honest with how the scales reflect the past week.


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  1. as i read this i know in my heart it will be a loss tomorrow you and so proud of you!!