Friday, April 10, 2009

Not a happy camper but...

Early this morning I doffed my pj's and hopped on the scale hoping to see a good number. Awk!

Here's the story. In California at Laura's after making Richard cry and feeling like a worm I faced the music and weighed on her scales. To be honest I hadn't been on a scale since October, when I weighed in at 193. I knew I'd gained some since then, but didn't want to acknowledge it. As I stepped on Laura's scales, the needle swept past 200 and I quickly jumped off. Past 200? Well, it must be 201, so that's what I "decided" was my "starting weight". Today, after 10 days of following the 1400 cal FM plan very closely, nearly perfectly, MY scales said 202.6!!!!!!! My God! What could have happened!!!!

I made 2 rookie mistakes. You can't compare one scale to another. They may vary by several pounds. Second, I should have weighed on my scale as soon as I got home. The fact that it was stored away because of the remodeling was just an excuse to avoid it for a while. If I had weighed when I got home, I strongly suspect I'd have seen a number higher than what I did today.

So--I refuse to be discouraged. I will start over with the numbers, using 202.6 as my "starting weight". I'll continue my FM plan and try hard to increase my level of activity. I'm determined to get to the Rec Center next week and sign up so I can work on the weight machines. If my knees are going to prevent me from doing much walking or doing aerobic videos, I can at least work on my toning. Maybe that will help my knees, if I work with them carefully. Now that my hair is short, I may begin swimming again. That would be easy on my knees and also my back. I'll weigh next Fridayand then I'll expect more realistic results.

I will not quit.



  1. Don't forget what I told you today. Whatever the actual number is it doesn't matter because you will never see it again.

    Swimming is a great idea. Go for it. You ROCK Vennie,Baby.

    Love ya,

  2. Vennie. I learn so much from you. I am so in awe and so proud of you.

  3. OK, the worst is over. Now it's time to live the rest of your life like a healthy person.

    I'm so happy you're taking such an interest in yourself again! You're definitely worth it.