Monday, April 13, 2009

Challenges Ahead

Well girls,
after stepping on the scales and not being happy with said results >> 0 Loss/0 Gain..I held the fork, and I controlled the body that seemed to fall apart about mid week..

i start off strong every morning..having a great breakfast and then by lunch time, the taperecorder begins to play in said head on a loop and by dinner I could give a rats bum.

i liked the feeling i had when i worked out..(As I have that feeling this morning) I realized after looking at my calendar and seeing that It had 7 days out of 14 with tone and sweat it wasn't serious enough and I need to get my butt moving.

i've signed up for the following..and details with links are on the other blog.

5 k walk/run may 30 for a local school fundraiser
5 k walk/run june 13 for my friends that I did last year
weight watchers walk it challenge
national presidential challenge

I'm not going to sit here (now the middle of april) and bitch anymore why haven't I taken the weight off if I'm not giving 100%...I have to give 100%, to receive a loss. Not half assed, food and water and exercise. (excuse the mouth..had one heck of a talk with myself this morning)

I love you all and miss you..Hope that you are doing your best..Hope that you are loving yourselves and making you #1 as you are all #1's in my book.

Love you

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