Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Improvement

My eating is a little better. Not great, but better.

I did go to exercise class yesterday morning (lots of people there... unusual... because of President's Day). I'll go again tonight.

There is no class tomorrow; Ann is joining Richard at an appearance at a Middle School, and I don't have the fortitude to get up early enough for a 9:30 am class taught by Michelle.

The scale was up three pounds as a result of crazy eating last week including a whole package of York Peppermint Patties on Thursday, A huge Valentines Day Dinner with cheesecake for dessert on Saturday, and a whole package of Blueberry Muffins on Sunday. Despite all of that, after only one day of sane eating (yesterday), it dropped right back to 155 again.

Note to self: some of the eating was stress induced, but as it turns out, I AM going into menopause finally, and I got my cycle a week early. The chocolate was probably a woman thing. That's probably why it appears I'm getting away with it, but let's not push the envelope.

Giving Cosmos IVs is really hard. He really screams and crys. I hope I get better at giving them; I hope he gets better at taking them.

I"m going to go take Sunny for a walk right now before it starts to rain again. Then I'm going to get to work on Sue's necklace repair. I only have a couple of hours to get it done.


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  1. sweety i'm proud of all that you are doing..you are "da bomb" girl!