Monday, February 2, 2009

Onward and downward

Yes, Laura. I'm in again. I love having this Fucking Agreement. It helped me in January so I'm in for February. Some of the ways having this agreement in place has helped me are as follows:

1) I've filled out food sheets for the first time
2) I think about this agreement before I eat
3) I've been eating much healthier breakfasts including
oatmeal and protein shakes instead of just bagels
4) Lunches have been more thoughtful
5) I've been eating more salads
6) I've been passing by the bakery isle without stopping

I still need to pay attention to what I am doing and eating which is where this Fucking Agreement comes in so I am glad we are in for another month.

Here's to a great February for all of us.

Love ya,


  1. you can do it claudia, i know you can!

  2. Wow Claudia! I need to work on my goals to top your list - lol!