Saturday, March 28, 2009

So So

It's been a so so week. I've tried to honor this agreement, some days are better than others. I don't expect a loss this Monday..If I do it will be a shocker. More emotional, I could give a rats butt, eating seems to have entered my thoughts, and mouth..Repercussions with IBS attacks too. Fun Stuff.

The last couple of days I've been reading "new to me" weight loss blogs and learning that I am not the only one struggling, and that makes me feel better, somewhat but in the same sense I am trying to get past what ever "this" is.

I'm trying to build up motivation again. Small baby steps.

I've been out looking at new mattresses. I fell in love with the Tempurpedic but don't think we would be able to afford it. I really need a new mattress. I think it would make a difference in my sleep and how I wake up. I'm up several times a night, with aches and pains. The present mattress is ten years old, let's face it, it's broke down from age and our combined weight. OY!

Hope all is well with ya'll.

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